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Silvestr 2010 - Snow on the Fullmoon
Silvestr 2010 - Snow on the Fullmoon

Le Clan

Balbínova 23
120 00

When: 31.12.2009      22:00      
Buy Tickets: www.ticketpro.cz

„Where All the Good People Meet“

Come enjoy the New Year's Eve Party in Le Clan to celebrate 2010!

Le Clan is a music club, which is frequented by popular celebrity´s – actors, singers, models and politicians, or owners of club, restaurants and companies

too, and that for more than 10 year´s. It is one of the most popular club in Prague. On the New Year's Eve Party will be open 2 floors of the club. On two

stages will introduce themself to you 7 Top DJ´s following sexy moon dancers. For youre disposal will be 3 perfect provided bar´s with pleasant profesional

service which will serve you delicious cocktail´s! Moreover you can use with youre friends table soccer, ping-pong or minigolf! Wealthy buffet will be offerd

together with moon cocktail forNew Year´s toast!

Delicatessen from restaurant Palffy Palace – until 24.00h will be aivable to you  rich table of delicatessen from the most famous Prague Restaurant, which is

leaded by prominent french chef de cuisine Kevin Donneger.  www.palffy.cz

Space cocktail - FREE space cocktail will be given to the visitors before 24.00h for New Year´s toast.

7 TOP DJ´s on 2 stages  - The NEW YEAR’S EVE party will be  on 2 floors of the club, so on two stages: Moon stage and Earth stage. Dead sure you will listen

to great music included the newest hit´s going from RnB up to House music. About that will be in charge a team of the most famous DJs from the Czech and

foreign scene which are followed by a crowd of good people and a lot of famous people from the Czech scen: Tráva(cz), Orion(cz), Pat Heart(fr), South

Soul(mk), Alex Douche(ru), Allan(fr), DJane Katie(cz) …celebrate with them the start of 2010!  

Sexy moon dancers – Sexy moon dancers will take care of the dancing atmosphere. Moon dancers are profesional dancers in wunderfull sexy costumes, you can see

them in the best clubs in Prague.

Show of a dance group like midnight surprise
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