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Golden Lane
Golden Lane
Golden Lane
Zlatá ulička
Prague Castle complex.
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One of the most famous sights of Prague Castle

Golden LaneYet this colourful street is actually very small, striking in comparison to the immense cathedral. Historically it housed goldsmiths who did not wish to join the goldsmith guild in Old Town, although the street's first inhabitants were the palace guards. Most of the original houses did not survive the Second World War, and were rebuilt afterwards. However, the half-timbered no. 20 has survived since the late 16th century, and no. 22 was shared by the famous Jewish Czech writer Franz Kafka, and his sister, from 1916 – 1917. While walking down the street you can purchase traditional Czech products, visit a cafe, and take photographs.

Next to the site of imprisonment and torture

Golden LaneNo. 12 allows entrance to the Daliborka Tower, a dungeon so-named after its most famous resident, Dalibor, who was imprisoned for siding with a group of revolting peasants. Legend has it that he learned the violin during his imprisonment, and that people from all walks of life would flock to the tower, giving him money or food in exchange for a song. Part of the tower complex also houses replica shields, suits of armour, weapons, and even torture equipment.


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